The family Verebélyi awaits and welcomes all the guests int he William's Haus, which is located in a very quiet and calm area of the city-centre.

Those guests with vehicles may park their cars in a locked parking area. The renewed wellness area/sauna and jacuzzi/ secures your resting and calmness all in one place. We are only 10 minutes walk away from the Hévíz Lake.

Come visit us,see for your self what the thermal Lake is really capable of,take part in our program-vich bathing city's life.We will do everything for you to have a great time.We also exept travellers cheques.

Family Verebélyi


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Hévíz - Thermal - Lake


Hungary is extraordinarily rich in thermal waters and trough Europe has many bathing reof water, expanse and capacity that of Hévíz Spa. Nor is there one endowed with so many valuable properties for balneotherapy as is Hévíz Spa. One could say there is nothing to sorts for the treatment of reumatic diseases, not a single one of them equals in abundance match it - including New Zealand.



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The surface area of the Hévíz thermal spring - dating back to a very early geological period - 47,500 square metres . As the spring delivers an average of 36,000 litres of water per minute, the water of the entire lake is exchanged every 24 hours. During the summer months, the temperature of the water is 33- 35 °C ; even in winter the temperature is never below 26°C . So even rheumatics, who are especially sensitive to could, are able to bathe in the open air the whole year round.


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